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  1. 1. What is MEDIWAPP?

    MEDIWAPP is India’s first Health Marketplace that offers you best of both the worlds. It combines the brick and mortar pharmacies with quick delivery system so that customer doesn’t have to choose between the authenticity of medical products reaching them and the ease of ordering from home. With MediWapp customer can choose amongst the various local pharmacies in their logged in area and get in touch with them directly for the supply of their medical needs. This way the customer can directly control the quality of product that reaches them from a source well trusted by them.

  2. 2. Is Online sale of Medicines legal in India??

    The draft rules set for and governing e-pharmacies in India as of now make it binding for all e-pharmacies to have on board permitted sellers of products. These sellers comprise local pharmacies with approved licences. Our business model follows these guidelines to the T as we operate as a marketplace wherein, we just bring together the customer and the various local pharmacies in his area. This way the customer not only retains his right to choose the pharmacy he buys medicines and health products from, he can also see for himself which pharmacy fulfils his product requirement the best.

  3. 3. Why should I buy on MEDIWAPP?

    We are a marketplace and therefore give our customers the choice of various pharmacies at a single place. The customer can thus have his favourite pharmacy in the area deliver his product requirement. This way he not only controls the quality of the product being delivered, but is also able to maintain and cherish the personal touch that comes in play as if he was personally out buying medicines from the store. We also save our customers the pain of running from pillar to post to locate that one difficult to get medicine by bringing at their fingertips all medical stores nearby. And did we say we were quick, well of course we are coz unlike e-pharmacies, our local stores deliver within four hours of order being placed with them. Vocal for local in all its glory.

  4. 4. Will it be safe to buy Medicines on MEDIWAPP?

    MEDIWAPP is a health marketplace that simply brings together the local pharmacies and customers at one place. By default, the model follows regulatory requirements since pharmacies require drug licence and pharmacists to operate. We further have zero tolerance towards non-compliance and poor-quality standards and choose the pharmacies we put on our app with utmost care. We only have on board reputed and trusted Pharma stores.

  5. 5. Can I buy medicines on MEDIWAPP without a Doctor’s prescription?

    All the regulations that apply to a local pharma store in your vicinity apply to the stores registered on our app. Whichever pharmacy you choose to buy your medical needs from will ask you to share a copy of the prescription for medicines that can be consumed only if a registered medical practitioner prescribes it. The store will keep a record of such prescription and will ask you to show the original copy during delivery.

  6. 6. If I have a prescription, can I buy medicines on MEDIWAPP?

    A “Valid” prescription is a pre-requisite for buying medicines. For e.g. If the doctor has prescribed medicines for only 3 months and you wish to purchase those medicines in the fourth month, using the same prescription copy will not be considered a valid prescription and you will not be able to purchase the medicines under question.

  7. 7. Can I buy any quantity of medicines on MEDIWAPP?

    You will be able to order as much as allowed for the prescribed duration, as per the valid prescription.

  8. 8. Will you deliver medicines if I send my prescription by email or WhatsApp?

    The mode of acceptance of prescription will primarily depend upon the pharmacy you choose to deal with and the same will be communicated to you by their representative. Alternatively, you can upload the prescription on the MEDIWAPP app and we will pass on the copy to the selected store.

  9. 9. Will you suggest generics?

    We instruct all pharmacies on board to dispense exactly the medicine prescribed by the medical practitioner. However, for over-the-counter products you can get in touch with the pharmacist on duty at the store you choose to buy products from.

  10. 10. Why are Schedule X medicines not available on MEDIWAPP?

    Schedule X category contains list of medicines which are prone to misuse. We do not felicitate sale of any such medicine or product. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused to you because of our policy.

  11. 11. Certain medicines need to be kept under certain temperature. How do you ensure that during shipment?

    All the pharmacies on our app practice under a permitted drug licence that requires them to store medicines as per instructions on the label. This includes storing certain medicines in refrigerators. As an additional measure, to maintain the efficacy and potency of the product, we require pharmacies to deliver medicines that require cold storage in a specially designed package. Moreover, since majority of the pharmacies are in close vicinity, the consignment doesn’t stay in transit for more than 2-3 hours, before getting delivered at your doorstep.

  12. 12. Do you enable your partners to sell internationally?

    No, our operations are limited to India.

  13. 13. Do you accept any Insurance Plans?

    Sorry. As of now we don’t accept any Insurance plans.

  14. 14. What are MEDIWAPP’s Privacy and Security Policies?

    Please refer to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ page.

Registration Related Queries

  1. 1. Are there any charges for registration??

    No, it’s free.

  2. 2. Can I have multiple registrations?

    One MEDIWAPP account can be linked to only one email ID and a mobile number. We suggest you to do single registration only so that you can track all your transactions easily.

  3. 3. What is ‘My Account’?

    ‘My Account’ is the tab that enables you to see your order history and also update your personal information.

    Other functionalities in “My account” section include ‘Change your password’, ‘Track the status of your orders’, ‘Place re-orders’, ‘cancel orders’.

  4. 4. What is ‘MEDIWAPP Health Vault’?

    MEDIWAPP Health Vault is a patient-controlled electronic health record system. It is a highly secure and completely confidential way of storing all health-related information for patients and family members. It facilitates easy retrieval, upon the patient’s authorization, to enable doctors and other care providers to fully comprehend the case history. This structured flow of information will result in better diagnosis.

  5. 5. How can I register for MEDIWAPP Health Vault?

    Your ‘MEDIWAPP Health Vault’ is linked to your MEDIWAPP account. You don’t have to register for it separately.

  6. 6. How do I pay for my Orders on MEDIWAPP?

    You can pay for your orders using paytm or other upi methods. You can also choose to pay at the time of delivery by Cash.

  7. 7. What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

    Any payment refund will be back to the original source of payment. In case of Cash payments, you shall be issued a bank cheque.

  8. 8. Some of the items in the order were damaged in transit. Can I accept items that are in good condition? Also, how do I get the refund for damaged items?

    For any item damaged in transit, all other items that were billed together with this item in a single invoice will have to be returned. The refund for such invoices will be initiated back to the source. For Cash on delivery, our Chemist representative will collect amount only for those invoices that are delivered completely.

  9. 9. How will I receive the Gift Coupons?

    It will be our pleasure to offer you Gift Coupons based on the Total Order Value. You will receive details of these coupons in your email inbox, post the delivery of ordered consignment.

  10. 10. How do I use a promo coupon?

    You can redeem the coupon on our MobileApplication, during your next purchase, at the time of Check-out. The redemption value of the coupon can’t not be more than the Total Value of the products in your Order.

  11. 11. What is the validity period of the coupon?

    The validity of the Coupons may vary from one another.

  12. 12. Can I pass on the coupon to my friends and relatives?

    Yes, you are free to pass on the coupons to your friends and relatives. However, please note that these coupons are for one-time use only.

  13. 13. Why do you discourage the change of Pin-code of the Delivery Address, at a later stage of the ordering process?

    Since we promise quick delivery, we first check the availability of the products closest to your location. If you change the pin-code after placing the order, we will have to re-do the availability check at the outlet nearest to your new pin-code.

  14. 14. What information do you need from me to process my order as fast as possible?

    In case your order consists of prescription based medicines, please ensure you upload a good quality digital copy of the original prescription. And if our Pharmacists highlight certain issues with your order, do try to resolve it as soon as possible, within the specified time limit.

  15. 15. How do I upload the prescription?

    If you are ordering from a new prescription, you can use any of the following methods to upload the copy of your original prescription

    For Mobile app user

    • Capture on the Spot: Use the built-in camera to take a good quality picture and upload it

    • Attach from your local disk: If you have an image of the prescription in the phone’s gallery (local disk)

    • Select from MEDIWAPP Health Vault: In case you have uploaded the prescription in your MEDIWAPP Health Vault, you can access it, select it and upload the same.

    For Web user

    • Attach from your local disk: Use files available on your local disk

    • Select from MEDIWAPP Health Vault: In case you have uploaded the prescription in your MEDIWAPP Health Vault, you can access it, select it and upload the same.

  16. 16. Is there any limit on the number of prescriptions that I can upload?

    You can upload as many prescriptions as you wish to your “MEDIWAPP Health Vault”

  17. 17. Can I order medicine from more than one prescription in a single order?

    One order can have medicines only from a single prescription. If you need to order medicines from two or more prescription, you need to create separate orders for each of them.

  18. 18. What if I can’t find the products/medications I am looking for?

    There is a chance that you may not find your medicines, despite our best endeavour. You can write to us at or call our customer care and we will request our partners to source them at the earliest and make them available at MEDIWAPP.

  19. 19. Is it possible to buy more than one medication in a single order at MEDIWAPP?

    Yes, you can order more than one medication in a single order. However, all prescription based medications (if any) in the order need to be from a single prescription.

  20. 20. Can I order products, from the OTC section, along with prescription medicines in a single order?

    Yes. But that order will go through the approval process done by our Command Centre, since it includes prescription medicines.

  21. 21. Will I be charged more than the MRP for my prescription drugs?

    No. But if your Total Order Value is less than the minimum amount set by us, you will be requested to give us a consent to charge you a fee to do that delivery in a special case. Also, if you have opted for Premium Delivery, there will be a special fee.

  22. 22. Are there any other hidden charges?


  23. 23. Are all your product prices quoted in Indian Rupees?


  24. 24. Can I order a product that is ‘Out of Stock'?

    We are sorry to inform that, you will have to wait till it gets available with our sellers. In case of non-availability of product(s), that you were looking for to buy, please send the details at and we will try our best to make it available through our sellers’ network.

  25. 25. Why don’t you confirm the Orders immediately, when I place order for prescription based medicines?

    An order carrying one or more prescription drugs has to be verified and validated by the Registered Pharmacists, stationed in our Command Centre. This is an extra level of safeguard we have built in our processes to ensure safety. Only after the Registered Pharmacists in the Command Centre approves and confirms the acceptance of your order, the order will be sent to our retail partner network for the fulfilment.

  26. 26. How will I know, if the Pharmacist, at the Command Centre, has any concerns with my Order?

    A SMS or an email will be sent to you stating the same. Subsequently, our Tele-callers will also reach out to you over phone and explain the discrepancy. You will be expected to log in to your “My account” section and make the necessary corrections to your order within a specified time limit.

  27. 27. What happens if I am unreachable and can’t make necessary changes within the specified time limit?

    Though, our Tele-callers will attempt to reach out to you twice within a time span of 30 minutes from the time you get an SMS or email, we are sorry to inform that your order will automatically get cancelled if we are unable to connect with you.

  28. 28. How do I know my order has been confirmed?

    You will get an email and SMS. In case your order carries prescription medicines,confirmation will be sent to the patient also.

  29. 29. What are the delivery charges?

    Delivery charges will vary from time to time.

  30. 30. What is the estimated delivery time?

    We try and deliver orders within 2 hours from order confirmation. In case there is a delay for some reason then our tele callers will get to you and inform you about the situation.

  31. 31. Can I choose a preferred time of Delivery?


  32. 32. Can I change my delivery address after I have placed my order?

    No, you cannot change your delivery address after submitting your order.

  33. 33. How do I know if my order has been shipped?

    You will be sent an email and SMS informing that your order has been shipped along with the details of delivery date and slot.

  34. 34. What do I do if I cannot track the order?

    Reach out to customer support centre at +91 9799071759 with your order ID and delivery address.

  35. 35. Seller does not/cannot ship to my area. Why?

    We are continuously expanding to newer geographies. However, it is possible that our seller partners do not have delivery capabilities to your area.

  36. 36. What is the general Return Policy on Mediwapp?

    At MEDIWAPP, we encourage you to verify your purchase at the time of delivery, and in case there is a discrepancy, you should alert our Pharmacist immediately.

    Still, in the unlikely scenario where you discover a malfunction post purchase, you can reach out to our Customer Care Team at +91 9799071759 with your order ID, item details and the nature of malfunction.

  37. 37. What should I do if I receive a tampered bag?

    In case you receive a tampered bag, you should refuse to accept the delivery and promptly alert our Customer Care Team at +91 9799071759. We will take immediate action as we have zero tolerance towards such incidents.

  38. 38. What should I do if there is breakage for a prescription drug supplied to me?

    For prescription drugs, we would initiate a refund for the item.

  39. 39. What should I do if some items are missing in my order?

    You should alert our Chemist Representative/Delivery Executive immediately and record your complaint with Customer Care Team at +91 9799071759 using your order ID

  40. 40. Is there a category specific policy for returns??

    The return policy for Medical devices are restricted to 7 days. You should report any defect or malfunction within such time frame to our Customer Care Team.

  41. 41. If I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?

    You need to contact our Customer Care Team at +91 9799071759 to lodge a return request. Our logistics team will arrange to have the item picked up from your address.

    Still, in the unlikely scenario where you discover a malfunction post purchase, you can reach out to our Customer Care Team at 9413908863 with your order ID, item details and the nature of malfunction.

  42. 42. Is it possible to cancel my order after it has been charged?

    Yes, you can cancel an order any time before delivery. We trust that you have genuine reasons when you decide to do that.

  43. 43. When are returns not possible?

    All purchases at MEDIWAPP once delivered and accepted by the customer will not be returned. The only exception to this rule is:

    In the event that there is malfunctioning of delivered medical devices, the request for return has to be initiated within seven (7) days from the date of acceptance of delivery. The malfunctioning of the medical device is the sole reason which may constitute to return the order.

  44. 44. Can I return a part of my Order?

    Yes, you can return a part of an order if the items are damaged or are different from what you had ordered. However, in no case shall the invoice be split such that some items are delivered and not others.

  45. 45. I’ve still not received the refund to my bank account. Why?

    If your refund does not reach you within 21 days, please write to us at the below address

  46. 46. I have changed my mind and I would like to retain the product. What do I do?

    Please call Customer Care Team at +91 9799071759

  47. 47. Can I exchange medicines or products?

    Sorry, we do not facilitate any kind of exchange.